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F1 - European Grand Prix

Last week’s European Grand Prix was… interesting. In the final minutes on the grid just before they all set off on the parade lap “Rain in 3 minutes” popped up at the bottom of the screen. This rain would start to have an effect on the first lap proper.

I’ve never laughed so hard watching a grand prix before. (I think the last rib tickler was a couple of years back when Alonso flipped the bird at Ralf Schumacher while coming backwards out of the tunnel at Monaco).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the delightful spectacle that is Formula 1. Some things to watch out for:

  • Raikkonen missing the pit entrance
  • Marcus Winklehoff leading the race on his debut after starting from the pits on wet tyres
  • Five cars (including Button and Hamilton) aquaplaning off the track
  • Lewis Hamilton subsequently employing the Scalextric tactic of being upped and replaced on the track for another go
  • The safety car driver putting his foot down to escape the Red Bull car coming flying down the track backwards towards him

Towards the end of the race when Alonso was all over the back of Massa’s car was good too, but its taken a week to get this far and I’m tired now.

Autobots. Roll out.

Went to a midnight showing (early preview?) of the Transformers film last night this morning. Absolutely brilliant, particularly liked the bit where the kid’s car (Bumblebee) and the police car baddie (forget its name) were fighting. The bit where they ran and then jumped and transformed back into a car worked very well, though it did remind me a bit of the most recent Citroen advert (though that’s not a bad thing, they’re good too). Watching the autobots try to hide in his dad’s garden and end up trashing it (”Ooops, my bad”) was funny too.

Old Optimus called out to any other autobots that might still be out there at end… sequel?

Optimus PrimeAutobots logo.Megan Fox

Also got to abuse the privileges of Adam’s cinema employee status and sit on the Simpson’s coach. Apparently he’s got a whole gallery of people sitting on it on facebook, but I can’t find any. Don’t even have a copy of me sitting on it. :(

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Microsoft Surface: The Parody - Gizmodo

Could this be your next computer?

Microsoft Surface: The Parody - Gizmodo

I assure you we’re open

Seen yesterday in Grimsby high street.

I assure we’re open

The sign reads “Open as usual. Use side door.”

Apologies for the bad photo, I didn’t want to draw too much attention to myself. The fool taking pictures of shutters…

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Hey Crabman

My Name is Earl

Watched last week’s episode of the new series of My Name is Earl. Wasn’t convinced by the first couple of episodes, thought it had lost the magic. But with lines like this, I’m hooked again.

“If there’s a top ten list of topics a man never wants to discuss with another man, I’d bet ‘Sorry I slept with your mom’ ranks number two. Right after ‘Sorry I slept with your dad’.”
– Earl

“And there she was [Ralph’s mum]. She wasn’t young, but she was concious.”
– Earl

“Men don’t like it when other men sleep with their mothers. It is why my brother killed my father.”
– Catalina

Not to mention the final 30 seconds before the credits. Mr Roboto… (Flashing lights epilepsy fans)

There’s apparently an episode with a two and half minute claymation sequence coming up too.

My Name is Earl - Stop MotionCatalina

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What do Collier and Comedy Dave have in common?

What do Collier and Comedy Dave (from the Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1) have in common?

Answers on a postcard…

Chris CollierComedy Dave

Watch this space for the answer.

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I should go outside more often

I went for a drive today, not sure where I was, but I was pretty close to the humber bridge. The green and blue bits on the outside looked nice, so I stopped and took a few snaps on my phone.

Humber 1Humber 2Humber 3Humber 4

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Potatoes in disguise

Meet Optimash Prime.

Optimash Prime

Optimash Prime and me

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Highslide for the lazy man

I use the funky highslide.js javascript to do the thumbnail enlargement on here. Previously I have had to add the markup for each thumbnail manually, which is a bit boring.

So tonight I wrote a bit of code to apply the highslide stuff onto any thumbnails on the page (which don’t already have it). And here it is.

function highSlideEm(){
  //This function will loop through all the a tags on the page that link to images,
  //have a thumbnail image as a child tab and apply the highslide stuff.

  var arrLinks = document.getElementsByTagName("a");
  var iLink;
  for(iLink = 0; iLink < arrLinks.length; iLink++){
    var objLink = arrLinks[iLink];
    //do we have an img tag as the immediate child?
    var arrImgs = objLink.getElementsByTagName("img");
    if(arrImgs.length == 1){
      if(isThumbnail(arrImgs[0].src) == true){
        addClass(objLink, 'highslide');
        //if the onclick event is undefined then add the highslide stuff
        if( (objLink.onclick == undefined) || (objLink.onclick == 'undefined') ){
          //we need to add it
          //alert('add it');
          objLink.onclick = function(){ return hs.expand(this); };
        };//end if onclick
      };//end if isThumbnail
    };//end if
  };//end for iLink

};//end function highSlideEm

function isThumbnail(sPath){
  //Is the path passed in a thumbnail? Worked out from the filename,
  //which will end in .thumbnail.ext
  var lDot = sPath.lastIndexOf(".");
  //alert('lDot = ' + lDot);
  if(lDot > -1){
    var nDot = sPath.lastIndexOf(”.”, lDot - 1);
    if(nDot > -1){
      var bitName = sPath.substring(nDot + 1, lDot);
      if(bitName.toLowerCase() == “thumbnail”){
        return true;
      };//end if bitName
    };//end if nDot
  };//end if lDot
  return false;
};//end function isThumbnail

function addClass(objLink, sClass){
  //This function will examine the list of classNames applied to a link,
  //if the sClass specified one is not yet applied it will add it
  var itExists = false;
  var arrC = objLink.className.split(” “);
  var iC;
  for(iC = 0; iC < arrC.length; iC++){
    //look for a match (case sensitive)
    if(arrC[iC] == sClass){
      itExists = true;
    };//end if
  };//end for iC

  if(itExists == false){
    objLink.className += ' ' + sClass;
  };//end if
};//end function

Maybe someone will find it useful.

(View the source to get a nicely spaced out, readable version. Wordpress has messed up the display, I’ve not really done a left-hand margin Mike.)

Maintained for the good of mankind?

Woolworths website maintenance

Great for who?

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