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The Seventh Annual Ketom Gambling Evening

The Seventh Annual Ketom Gambling Evening

Just finished speaking to Ken on the old dog and bone. He was a bit concerned that no-one had replied to his missive regarding the above event. Iím sure that everyone has done the same as me, read it, thought “thatís ok” and not bothered replying, but just in case you havenít got the message and he hasnít since contacted you another way and you happen by this way here is the email he sent out last week verbatim.

Good Morning Gentlemen,

After much deliberation and consultation, I think the best date for said gambling evening would be Saturday 20th August. Iíd appreciate it if you could reply back to me and let me know whether or not you are free that day
- if there are problems we can move it to Saturday 27th August, but I would rather do it on the 20th.Iíll be away until 14th August, so if there are any problems Iíll try and sort it out when I get back. If any of the email addresses Iíve used are old (esp. Samís) could someone forward this on to their current address.

Toodle pip,


If you are reading this and have no idea what it means, then ignore this. If you do, then Iíll see you there.

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