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My Five Year Old Mistake

Was bored and so decided to poke around my own site earlier. Found something else that didn’t work in Firefox.

The Last Week

The thumbnails were not presenting themselves as links. This is code that I wrote about five years back now and has been working well enough for all this time. So I went back and had a look, and sure enough there was an error. Good old IE had been covering my back all these years and making allowances for my mistake.

Can you spot the mistake?

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The Usual?

Seems I have passed some sort of threshold number of haircuts. The barber didn’t ask me how I wanted my hair cut today, he already knew.

Also I have hacked together an rss2.0 feed for this blog. It’s something I really missed from the old d2kblog.

fatdotblog (rss2.0) -

Edit: fatdotchris software

The new batch of consoles for 2006

So now we get to have a look at all three new consoles.

The new Xbox looks nice. The (wireless) controllers look nice too. (I notice that the black and white buttons have vanished).

But the new PlayStation? It looks kinda… ugly. Huge and ugly. It’s like it’s this rounds Xbox. Very strange.

And the controllers? Ok, so when they launched the PS2 they were accused of not being very adventurous only adding analogue pressure sensitivity to old dual shock controllers. But these are just weird.

I see that Nintendo have also semi-announced their new console today too. Revolution is it’s codename. It looks more like the current PlayStation 2 than the GameCube. Is this an admission of mistakes made on their part?

While it’s still very early days with regards to anyone actually being able to buy any of these three machines, based on the last week my moneys on the XBox. (With it’s three dual-core processors).

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My Flat Battery

For a brief blissful moment I thought that

was going to be my biggest obstacle in getting to work.

Unfortunately this was not to be the case. Inside I was met with

Yes, my battery was flat. Why? Because since Saturday afternoon I had left


(very hot it was too).

This meant that

was going nowhere, and would have to stay

and that

would have to

to work.

I did consider


Later that day…

and with one of


Also today: I think I might have volunteered to spend a month in Dundee at the end of July.


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The Hoff

Just watched David Hasselhof’s appearance on Friday Night with Johnathan Ross and he was talking about his experience of fame. He was saying that sometimes when people have had too much to drink it’s bad. “But that’s only 2% of the time. The other 99% it’s great”.

So does he come with a disclaimer that says numbers may not add up to 100 due to rounding?

I Bite My Thumb At Thee

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Smiling Face

Looking out the window earlier this evening my dad spotted this smiling face on the fence.

So I took a picture.

And I’d do it again.

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Scatman Sam!

May I present for your viewing pleasure.

This man.

Performing his imitation of this man.

Scatman Sam!

This video uses the xvid codec.
Direct link to video: Scatman_Sam.avi
Filesize: 3.30Mb

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Birds of a Feather

I saw something outside the bathroom the window earlier. I opened the window to see what it was.

This is what it was.

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Heinz Ketchup bottle

They finally did it. Those maniacs. They blew it all up. They redesigned the Heinz Ketchup bottle.

God damn them; damn them all to hell.

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