Archive for April, 2005

Changed blog software

Decided to change the blog software I’m using to this UBlog thing.

Had a fun time manually copying all the blog entries and comments into the format used in the new access database. Very glad I hadn’t posted much on the blog.

So now I should be able to comment, yay.

The angry driver

When today’s delivery arrived at work we started the usual moving around of cars to get the van in. However after moving two or three cars we were left with one car now stuck out on it’s own right in the way. After waiting a while it became apparent that either the owner of the car was not in the building at present, or never had been; either way it wasn’t getting moved. So the driver parked the van at the side of the street and started to unload it the hard way: one pallet at a time up and down with the tail lift. This resulted in an angry scouser saying unkind things about Scunthorpe and its peoples, even at one stage launching two rails out the back of the van instead of lowering them down.

When we’d finished the delivery and the car’s owner still had not surfaced we decided to be a little bit childish and somewhat vindictive and boxed in all sides of the car variously with other cars and my personal favourite: a pallet with a box full of rubbish on it. It was still there when I left, dare say I’ll hear some tales tomorrow of the owner’s return.

Have also discovered today that I cannot leave comments on my entries; I get an error, and not having written the code myself I have no idea what the problem is.

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