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Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

I started to play Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater on PS2 today, it’s actually quite fun having to capture capture frogs and snakes and things to eat, and apparently throw at enemies - though I haven’t seen that yet.

It’s taken another nod towards the James Bond films (anyone who played the original Metal Gear Solid on the PlayStation will probably remember the Tuxedo alternative costume), in that you now play through a pre-title sequence and are then presented with some very bond-esque opening credits - complete with song - before getting to the meat of the game. I haven’t played any further than this so I can comment no further yet.

My birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, I hadn’t intended on doing anything at all to mark it but as it was such a nice day at around midday I thought it might be a nice idea to go for a drive into the country and find a quiet pub somewhere. I ended up in Blyton with Ken (Sam was “with his Grandma”) but it seems pubs in Blyton are so quiet they don’t even open ’til 5pm. So we had an icecream instead. Later on went to see Meet the Fockers - Sam still hadn’t joined us as he was now eating cheese potatoes… he would join us soon and bring with him the first series of the sick BBC3 animation: Monkey Dust. We watched this while eating some pizza.

Have joined Deeksy in having declined to park in Ken’s driveway because my car “drops black stuff” - left a nice rainbow coloured stain on the road outside my Mum’s house, it had been raining for a few minutes before I parked up and I was only there for about fifteen minutes. I think I should do something about it but have absolutely no idea what. Also car related: came a little bit too close to another car on the Queensway / Ashby Road roundabout, prompted honking from the other driver. Unpleasant.

All in all though a pleasant afternoon.

So… blogging.

Once upon a time I started a little project I called A Day in the Life of Chris Watson, when I first started it that is exactly what it was; however it (very) soon turned into very little entries concerning things that I wanted to record.

In very little time though it became a chore to add entries to the page, so I stopped bothering. I did decide that at some point I would do a little bit of coding to produce something that I could easily add to in my browser. But I’m incredibly lazy and couldn’t be bothered, even given four years.

Later on when all these ’blogs’ started showing up I did note that it was similar to what my doodah had turned into.

Recently the activites of an old friend Sam Boulby and his blog (Sam Hates…) have prompted me into action, there have been things that I have wanted to record, simply so that I could remember them in years to come. I didn’t want to go down the third-party hosted route, because I didn’t like the idea of not having complete control over my data, on the other hand I’m still far too lazy to pull my finger out and make my own. I have now had my own webhost for just over a year now, so I decided to investigate the possibility of using software that someone else had written and just plonking it onto my host. A quick google search led me here Blogsoftware Breakdown but they all required php and most wanted MySQL or similar, neither of which my host provides. So I tried again being a little more specific this time, and looked for something suited to an ASP host. That search led me to D2KBlog, a simple piece of blogging software using ASP and one Microsoft Access Database. Perfect.

The downside however is that there appears to be no documentation other than the very brief readme file, which contains little more than a brief Quick Start and Installation guide (which was very easy follow, good for the most laziest of Chrises), so there are some things that I won’t know how to use, but I suppose I’ll figure it out on the way.

So in closing I will briefly mention some of the things which I had wanted to record before but lacked suitable tools.

  • The night some b******ds tried to break into my house while I was in.
  • The night I decided to go for a drive and ended up in Lincoln, that was the night I passed the 1000 miles…milestone I suppose.

These both occured within the last month.

Well, that’s that.

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