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Quantum Leap movie announced!

Producers yesterday revealed a movie version of the television sci-fi favourite is in production. Filming for Quantum of Solace has already started and it should be in cinemas 7th November 2008.

Some interesting new characters were introduced in the press release to be played by Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton, while Daniel Craig will play returning character Jimmy. No mention yet on who is to play Sam and Al.

Quantum Leap - Genesis

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From melons to tangerines

…Helena Bonham in Sweeney Todd.

Helena Bonham Carterís boobs in Sweeney Todd

Helena Bonham Carter Talks About Her Boobs

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Johnny Five is alive!

Saw this trailer for a new Pixar film at the weekend, when Adam showed us all his new cinema. A cinema which is only a couple of their own Wall-E’s away from getting rid of the fleshy meat bags itself…

There are some different, higher quality trailers at Apple’s trailer site.

No disassemble!

Autobots. Roll out.

Went to a midnight showing (early preview?) of the Transformers film last night this morning. Absolutely brilliant, particularly liked the bit where the kid’s car (Bumblebee) and the police car baddie (forget its name) were fighting. The bit where they ran and then jumped and transformed back into a car worked very well, though it did remind me a bit of the most recent Citroen advert (though that’s not a bad thing, they’re good too). Watching the autobots try to hide in his dad’s garden and end up trashing it (”Ooops, my bad”) was funny too.

Old Optimus called out to any other autobots that might still be out there at end… sequel?

Optimus PrimeAutobots logo.Megan Fox

Also got to abuse the privileges of Adam’s cinema employee status and sit on the Simpson’s coach. Apparently he’s got a whole gallery of people sitting on it on facebook, but I can’t find any. Don’t even have a copy of me sitting on it. :(

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