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Stephen Hawking was in Star Trek

The other day, while admiring Google’s LHC logo, Stephen Hawking’s (who is neither dead, kicked by a horse, or played Superman) appearance on Star Trek TNG came up. Yes Nick, he really was in it, and this clip I found on Youtube is what started the episode that was on BBC 2 a few weeks ago. I could barely believe what I was seeing…

Google Large Hydron Collider logo

PS Belle’s back.

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Monkey magic

…at the Olympic games.

What can’t be improved by adding a monkey? That age old question was obviously playing on the minds of the people at BBC Sport. Their answer: Certainly not the Olympics. And so we are to led through the Beijing games this summer by an animated (slightly scaring looking) monkey. Brilliant.

Monkey - BBC Sport

Monkey’s journey begins - BBC Olympics blog

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The Megatron. But… no.

Peep Show series 5, this Friday.

Clips from the new Peep Show at Chortle (Thanks for sharing these Nick).

How does this equal 1928?

I found this old picture that I’d forgotten about on my phone. I’d taken it one night when I couldn’t sleep and had turned on the tv. I couldn’t work out then how the answer to this puzzle (riddle?) was 1928. Still can’t. Anyone?

TV quiz puzzle

NINE + 11 +
TWO = ?

Answer: 1928.


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F1 - European Grand Prix

Last week’s European Grand Prix was… interesting. In the final minutes on the grid just before they all set off on the parade lap “Rain in 3 minutes” popped up at the bottom of the screen. This rain would start to have an effect on the first lap proper.

I’ve never laughed so hard watching a grand prix before. (I think the last rib tickler was a couple of years back when Alonso flipped the bird at Ralf Schumacher while coming backwards out of the tunnel at Monaco).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the delightful spectacle that is Formula 1. Some things to watch out for:

  • Raikkonen missing the pit entrance
  • Marcus Winklehoff leading the race on his debut after starting from the pits on wet tyres
  • Five cars (including Button and Hamilton) aquaplaning off the track
  • Lewis Hamilton subsequently employing the Scalextric tactic of being upped and replaced on the track for another go
  • The safety car driver putting his foot down to escape the Red Bull car coming flying down the track backwards towards him

Towards the end of the race when Alonso was all over the back of Massa’s car was good too, but its taken a week to get this far and I’m tired now.

Hey Crabman

My Name is Earl

Watched last week’s episode of the new series of My Name is Earl. Wasn’t convinced by the first couple of episodes, thought it had lost the magic. But with lines like this, I’m hooked again.

“If there’s a top ten list of topics a man never wants to discuss with another man, I’d bet ‘Sorry I slept with your mom’ ranks number two. Right after ‘Sorry I slept with your dad’.”
– Earl

“And there she was [Ralph’s mum]. She wasn’t young, but she was concious.”
– Earl

“Men don’t like it when other men sleep with their mothers. It is why my brother killed my father.”
– Catalina

Not to mention the final 30 seconds before the credits. Mr Roboto… (Flashing lights epilepsy fans)

There’s apparently an episode with a two and half minute claymation sequence coming up too.

My Name is Earl - Stop MotionCatalina

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Captain Jack in Cloudbase shocker!


Borrowing heavily from Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet, the recent episode of Doctor Who was a corker.

Last week we were told about Captain Jack’s inability to die. So he looks a bit like Captain Scarlet, he’s indestructible like him, and now he’s got his cloudbase too.

Captain Jack

Captain Scarlet

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My fired, your fired, their fired

What chance do the rest of us have if even the BBC can’t get this right?

BBC - The Apprentice - Your Fired

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