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Microsoft Remote Desktop client available for Android

Microsoft have today made available a Remote Desktop client for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft Remote Desktop at Google Play

Screenshot of Microsoft Remote Desktop client on Android

Source: The Register: Microsoft holds nose, slips WINDOWS into Android, iOS boxes

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Chris Watson’s Desktop Wallpaper Guard

Icon from Chris Watson\'s Desktop Wallpaper Guard

Is something removing the desktop wallpaper from your computer? Fight back with Chris Watson’s Desktop Wallpaper Guard. Available now.

Installer at Source Forge:
Code at Google Code:

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Sending files using the Fox To Phone Firefox Add-on

I’ve been using the Fox To Phone Firefox Add-on for sending links from Firefox to my Android phones for a while. A recent update loaded a post on the project’s blog - an apology for something to do with the default button placement - but that’s not the post that caught my attention. There was another post about how they’d added support for sending files; this post contained a sample PHP file for placing on your own server for a more private use of the feature. I have ported this sample file to Classic ASP. Just because.


Firefox Add-ons

For personal reference. A list of useful Firefox Add-ons.

UltraMon and Startup Control Panel

A couple of useful applications out there on the internets.

UltraMon is for multi-monitor setups.

  • Gives you a quick way of moving windows between desktops, even when they are full screen
  • Creates a composite wallpaper image for use accross whole desktop (different wallpaper on each monitor)
  • And the best feature is: a seperate task bar on your extended monitor. Only shows the windows on that window (and they are removed from the standard taskbar on the main monitor)

Startup Control Panel. First used this as a replacement for msconfig on Windows 2000. Very handy installed as a control panel applet (though it doesn’t have to be to work). Shows all the different places (registry keys, startup folder, etc) that applications may have hidden themselves away to start at boot/logon.

Virgin Media broadband

Virgin Media 10Mbit


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Larry is placed adjacent to the awesomebar

There’s an article on mozillaZine introducing some of the new features we’ll soon be able to use in Firefox 3.

Download Day

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Create context menus in code in Visual Basic 6

Example of SimpleMenu in action

If, like me, you’re job is maintaining a large Visual Basic 6 application you’ll know the pain of creating context menus. You’d like them on the form you’re working with, but if its an MDI child form you’re forced to place them on a different form if you want to see your MDI parent forms menus while your child form has the focus.

This isn’t fun, because you know how two places for code that should all be together. Not to mention that most of the time you’re creating menus at design time, not at run-time.

In the past I’ve come up with ways of at least keeping the code in the form showing the menu by having the menus simply set a return value which the calling form can then just read and do whatever with.

Recently I read an example of run-time menus (I forget where) that used the idea of control arrays to allow for creation of menus at runtime. I liked this idea and ran with it.

Here, I offer up a couple of classes for simple creation and use of context menus at run-time in a VB6 application. It uses no weird system DLL calls. I hope it saves someone weeping over menus. It did me.

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Jackie Chan helps you search

Jackie Chan - iGoogle theme

Let Jackie Chan help you search the web on iGoogle.

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There’s a Ninja in my PC


There’s a Ninja in my PC. How am I going to get it out?

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