Microsoft Remote Desktop client available for Android

Microsoft have today made available a Remote Desktop client for Android and iOS devices.

Microsoft Remote Desktop at Google Play

Screenshot of Microsoft Remote Desktop client on Android

Source: The Register: Microsoft holds nose, slips WINDOWS into Android, iOS boxes

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Chris Watson’s Desktop Wallpaper Guard

Icon from Chris Watson\'s Desktop Wallpaper Guard

Is something removing the desktop wallpaper from your computer? Fight back with Chris Watson’s Desktop Wallpaper Guard. Available now.

Installer at Source Forge:
Code at Google Code:

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Sending files using the Fox To Phone Firefox Add-on

I’ve been using the Fox To Phone Firefox Add-on for sending links from Firefox to my Android phones for a while. A recent update loaded a post on the project’s blog - an apology for something to do with the default button placement - but that’s not the post that caught my attention. There was another post about how they’d added support for sending files; this post contained a sample PHP file for placing on your own server for a more private use of the feature. I have ported this sample file to Classic ASP. Just because.


Moon landing in Google Earth

If you’ve got Google Earth it’s worth having a look at the moon landing recreation that’s been added for the 40th anniversary of the first lunar landing. The Apollo 11 mission fly-through is a real highlight.

In other space related news, after the recent cheese in space failure, El Reg has decided to put a paper plane in space. For god’s sake don’t let them name it El Shag.

Firefox Add-ons

For personal reference. A list of useful Firefox Add-ons.

UltraMon and Startup Control Panel

A couple of useful applications out there on the internets.

UltraMon is for multi-monitor setups.

  • Gives you a quick way of moving windows between desktops, even when they are full screen
  • Creates a composite wallpaper image for use accross whole desktop (different wallpaper on each monitor)
  • And the best feature is: a seperate task bar on your extended monitor. Only shows the windows on that window (and they are removed from the standard taskbar on the main monitor)

Startup Control Panel. First used this as a replacement for msconfig on Windows 2000. Very handy installed as a control panel applet (though it doesn’t have to be to work). Shows all the different places (registry keys, startup folder, etc) that applications may have hidden themselves away to start at boot/logon.

Stephen Hawking was in Star Trek

The other day, while admiring Google’s LHC logo, Stephen Hawking’s (who is neither dead, kicked by a horse, or played Superman) appearance on Star Trek TNG came up. Yes Nick, he really was in it, and this clip I found on Youtube is what started the episode that was on BBC 2 a few weeks ago. I could barely believe what I was seeing…

Google Large Hydron Collider logo

PS Belle’s back.

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Virgin Media broadband

Virgin Media 10Mbit


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Video editing

Either this is extremely clever video editing software that is way over my head (right up prof pigeon’s alley), or a complete lie. And I don’t know which.

Monkey magic

…at the Olympic games.

What can’t be improved by adding a monkey? That age old question was obviously playing on the minds of the people at BBC Sport. Their answer: Certainly not the Olympics. And so we are to led through the Beijing games this summer by an animated (slightly scaring looking) monkey. Brilliant.

Monkey - BBC Sport

Monkey’s journey begins - BBC Olympics blog

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